All Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

When you order a product made by Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, each item is hand made, they take great pride in creating small batch beauty, skin and hair care rituals that forget the synthesised chemicals, preservatives and harmful additives and remember what Mother Nature has always had to offer.  packaged using minimal packaging (recycled newspaper we collect as waste from local businesses used as padding) and post consumer recycled paper tape and boxes.

• Handmade with love 
• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• Organic
• Toxin Free
• Ethically sourced
• Fair Trade where required
• Formulated to suit all skin types (including sensitive) 
• Eco friendly packaging and refill options
• Zero Waste geared: Labels printed in-house using vege based ink and recycled paper, green energy powered and rain water supplied lab.