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Keiki & Hale is a Newcastle born brand, created by us, Lauren & Lewis. Encouraged yet sometimes hindered by our energetic (soon to be) one year old, Elijah.

Our brand name was inspired by the rough Hawaiian translation of "child & home", the perfect fit for our little family business.
Originally from England, we moved to Australia in 2015, falling for Newcastle and its laid-back life-style. 
Our candle making adventure began when Lauren requested a candle making kit for Christmas, at first it was expected to gather dust like all the other things she had asked for over the years - DIY jewellery set anyone? But, much to our surprise, Lauren fell in love with hand-pouring and experimenting with different fragrances and oils. Before we knew it, half the glass cupboard was filled with wax. We began to make candles for others and it then snowballed to where it is now. 
We are truly blessed to be able to work together from our family kitchen, hand-pouring, stickering and everything in-between with our gorgeous Elijah on quality control. All of our products are made with love and we feel so fortunate to be sharing them. We have done lots of research into the essential oils and products we use. We aim to keep everything as local and sustainable as possible. We love all of the scents we have chosen to share with you and hope you enjoy them too. 
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