Tea For She

all organic l loose leaf tea l blended by hand

Tea is so much more than something we drink to hydrate ourselves.

Tea time is a ritual that we perform in private. We perform it to relax; to energise; to rejuvenate; to soothe; to reflect; to heal. 

It's also a ritual that we perform with others to connect; to share; to celebrate; to comfort.  

Tea time is a simple way for us to connect with nature - with the water, with the earth, and with the benefits they have to offer our mind, body and soul.  

All of Tea for She's teas are blended using organic ingredients. That means they're grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, harmful pesticides, harmful herbicides and unsustainable crop management practices. 

To make the teas extra special, they're all blended by hand. The tea batches are small and turned over regularly to ensure they're always fresh.
Tea time is an enchanting time that involves all of our senses. We understand the beauty of the leaves the moment we lay our eyes on them. The textures and colours lure us in. We can't resist the urge to smell them. We're soothed by the sound of the kettle boiling and the water being poured. Our gaze follows the steam as it rises. We inhale the aromas. We savour the taste. We embrace the warmth of the cup. 

The philosophy of Tea for She is that every woman should feel treasured, nurtured and worthy. That goes for Mother Earth too.   

I'm a wife, a mother and a tea lover, with a passion for women and their wellbeing.