“Calm” Frankincense Candle

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Keiki & Hale Candles are made with Cocosoy Wax, a blend of coconut and soy wax resulting in a more eco-friendly candle. They use only high quality fragrances, essential oils and wicks when making their candles leaving you with a clean burning candle every time. 

Lauren from Keiki & Hale says "made with 100% essential oil, this candle was inspired by Lauren’s mum giving her frankincense on a tissue to inhale anytime she was struggling with panic attacks. This candle is perfect for combating anxiety."

Burn time up to 25 hours 

Recommendations: Be sure to trim your wick for each use to assure a clean burn and additional burn time. On the first burn melt the wax so the burn pool touches the entire perimeter, this will help the candle have an even burn. Please DO NOT leave you're candle unattended or with children while burning. Be sure to have nothing around your candle while it is burning.