Eco Traveller Maxi

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If you're buying for yourself or a loved one - this is the one! Each product in this pack will assist in leaving the smallest foot print possible while you travel.

- Straw Sock with Bamboo Straw and Cutlery - Stylishly Sustainable 

- Honey Lip Balm - De'Bee 

- Shower In A Bottle - Dirty Hippy Cosmetics

- Bamboo Toothbrush - Bodecare

- Tooth Powder - Dirty Hippy Cosmetics

- Coconut Sunscreen Balm - Dirty Hippy Cosmetics 

- Silk Shopping Bag - EcoSilk 

- Organic Pit Paste - Venuzi 

- Breathe Easy Body Balm - De'Bee

- Soothe Aromatherapy Roller - Living Earth Aromatherapy 

Gifts are arranged in a cardboard box with shredded kraft paper - totally recyclable and biodegradable.