Full Body Love Gift Box

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The Full Body Love Gift Box has been designed to give your body some serious love! With Dry Body Brushes to help detox you're biggest organ - your skin! The rest will just make you feel lovely and refreshed..


- Detox FSC Dry Body Brush by Bodecare

- Jute Dry Face Brush by Bodecare

- Toning Bath Soak by Dirty Hippy Cosmetics 

- Rosehip & Tansy Face Mask by Dirty Hippy Cosmetics 

- Choice of Cocosoy Candle by Keiki & Hale 

- Pucker Up Lip Balm by De'Bee 

Now I know that I dont need to tell you how to have a bath - everyone knows how to do that, right? But lets just paint a picture of how amazing this gift can make your bathtime routine! 

Step 1. Draw yourself a hot bath with your Toning Bath Soak, light your Keiki & Hale candle and get yourself a nice glass of Red.

Step 2. Dry Brushing time! Dry Body Brushing may be new to some people but you are going to love it! Not only does it remove old dead skin cells leaving your feeling revitalised and renewed, it's also going to stimulate your lymphatic system and improve vascular blood circulation - and generally makes your feel relaxed and amazing! You've got two brushes! One brush for your body and one for your face.

Step 3. Mix up your Rosehip and Tansy face mask and apply it to your face and neck - your skin is going to love you for it.

Step 4. Get into your bath and enjoy some much needed "me time"!

Step 5. Once you're finished in the bath and you've taken off your mask (you're skin feels amazing, right?) its time to top it all off with your Pucker Up Lip Balm. Now you can go finish off that bottle of wine - you've done the hard yards!   

Gifts are arranged in a cardboard box with shredded kraft paper - totally recyclable and biodegradable.