Kitchen Dish Cloths

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Kitchen Dish Cloths

Hand knitted cotton kitchen dish cloths.
15cm squares.

Choose from sets of 3 packs or individual cloths.
1 cloth - $14.00
3 cloths - $39.95

Here’s a few reasons why these cloths are so fantastic:
- I’ve been using the same cloths for 3 years now and they are still going strong. Mine usually have reached the end of their life at 4 years.
- When they are done I just put them straight into my compost and they break down quickly being 100% cotton!
- They wipe up crumbs beautifully and are great at cleaning dishes and wiping up spills.
- The colours brighten up your kitchen and make doing kitchen chores more exciting!
- Easy to wash on a normal wash cycle.
- Great gift idea!