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Pucker Up Honey

Definitely for the purist, Pucker Up Honey is both a catch cry and the truest taste of the beehive. Pure beeswax, pure honey (from our very own harvest) and certified organic extra virgin olive oil make this combination almost edible and amazingly good for keeping you hydrated and kissable.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (certified organic), Beeswax, Honey

Certifications: Australian Made; Choose Cruelty Free


Pucker Up Vanilla

Delicious, warming and perfect for keeping your lips moist and smooth through the winter months, Pucker Up Vanilla is packed full of real vanilla seeds and taste. Our signature base of pure beeswax and organic extra virgin olive oil guarantees the best combination for wonderful lipcare.

Ingredients: Vanilla pod infused extra virgin olive oil (certified organic), Beeswa

Certifications: Australian Made; Choose Cruelty Free