Toning Rose and Bamboo Detoxifying Bath Soak

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Toning Rose and Bamboo Detoxifying Bath Soak soothes weary muscles and gently detoxify your skin with our range of invigorating Magnesium bath soaks. 
• Duo of West Australian rock salt and top quality natural Epsom salts will help to draw out any built up surface toxins whilst the petals steep and release their botanical powers.
• Essential oils added using nourishing Jojoba carrier oil to ensure they remain gentle and kind on the skin. 
• Flowers foraged from the Dirty Hippie garden or local community gardens. 

Add a generous few pinches to your warm bath and enjoy the pamper session. 


Toning Blend: Rose Flowers, Dehydrated Bamboo, Western Australian Rock Salt*, Epsom Salts*, Jojoba Carrier Oil*, Essential Oil of Rose Geranium*. (Certified Organic*)